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AT Pro Pointer
AT Pro Pointer
AT Pro Pointer
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Specification of AT Pro Pointer

Gold Detection Tool

AT Pro Pointer detectors are detectors
most compact and small.
● AT Pro Pointer detector
● Bags
● Battery

✔ The tool is very stable and totally waterproof.
✔ Maximum sensitivity specifically for gold grains too.
✔ One button only (easy operation)
✔ 360 ° metal detection radar
Warranty: 2 years
More info
AT PRO POINTER are accessories for miners
Which is very important. Tools can be used on all types of terrain
Including tunnels, forests, rivers, lakes, seas, mountains
etc. .
Prospectors who use large detectors must use it
This Pro Pointer too. If the big detector is successful
Detect the target with the ground and dig a small hole then
Large detectors may not fit into the hole again. Then it can
use AT Pro Poiinter. Save time and fast.
AT Pro Pointer can also be used to check targets inside the wall, inside
stone or for Bodyscan (security application). Therefore the application of this tool
very broad.

The device is waterproof to a depth of 6
meter and because it's so robotic
also used by military and outdoor
The operational method is very easy and suitable
for beginners and prospectors

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